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How do you get your cosmetology license? How long does it take?

I am interested in working in cosmetics while I'm in college. I want to know how long it would take to become licensed and what the requirements are. #cosmetology #beauty #beauty-industry

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2 answers

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C.Peaches’s Answer

Hello future cosmo pro,
A cosmetology license can take 9-21months of your time.
Ideally being able to go straight thru in an all day program is the fastest. However depending on state and school regulations other options are also available, part time hours, make up hours and requested time off for legitimate causes.
It's challenging and serious course work. Be true to yourself and let your education aid you in your career planning. once you recieve your license - the options are endless and continuing education is a must. Only difference continued learning you do by choice. Making it fun, allows you to be more creativity and build a network.
Much success! !!

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Carmella’s Answer

Completed the require hours set by state board of Cosmetology. Each state hours varies.