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how to become an author

author for a book

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4 answers

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Donna’s Answer


I don't think that one "becomes" an author. Writing is a talent which can be developed to the point of authorship. If you have aspirations to be a published author, then I would say, WRITE. Get involved with school newspaper, literary societies, poetic clubs, any thing that gives you an opportunity to express your love for the written word. As doing so allows your to explore your interests and eventually focus into a style of writing that fits your personality.

You may also want to have some kind of back up plan to supplement your journey to becoming a recognized author. "Starving Artist, is not a cliché."
Many individuals go through the whole process of becoming published and only receive minimal compensation for their efforts. With the advent of Amazon, Audible, Kindle, etc... advertising and getting your publications to show up and further engages competition in this world.

I am sure as a young person you will find a way to bend technology to your benefit. Good Luck! Hope to read your publications one day.

Hi Donna, your advice is very insightful. Thank you for sharing. Sheila Jordan

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Rob’s Answer

The shortest way to become an author is to WRITE something! Poems, short stories, novels or non-fiction, whatever moves you! Get involved in literary clubs, school paper or even book clubs to broaden your horizon.

Perhaps the next logical question would be about getting published. There are several paths which may include self-publishing (own funds to edit, print and market) or going through a publishing house via outlines and draft manuscripts.

Either way, good luck and look forward to reading your bestseller soon! :-)
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Jemima A.’s Answer

Writing is a skill one ought to regularly practice.
They are so many writers but they are so few writers with excellent content.

Anyone can become an author by simply publishing a book, project, novel, thesis, poem etc. Your concern should be becoming an inspiring author.

I agree with Donna's Answer. To become an author, you need to WRITE and get EXPOSED. In addition I'd say be CREATIVE.
You should be a good reader, listener, eager to learn, be open-minded and creative. From these, you can learn good vocabularies, think outside the box, know exactly what to write and the audience you intend to get their attention.

All the best KOWSALYA
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Lyndsay’s Answer

Write! Then you can self publish your work for free OR if you want to get published find a literary agent within your genre and they'll get you a publisher :) Words of wisdom: if an agent wants you to give them ANY $, it's a scam! Good luck!

You can absolutely *become* a write, as opposed to the above advice. Just write!