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Courtney’s Avatar
Courtney Jun 10, 2022 654 views

How can I obtain my cosmetology license?

I would like to become a cosmetologist in the NYC area and own a chain of salons eventually branching out to other states.

Madeline’s Avatar
Madeline May 11, 2016 868 views

Is a Music Education degree necessary if you think you will be teaching outside of public schools?

I am majoring in harp performance, and hoping/planning to graduate in 3 years. I am interested in teaching, but don’t think I will be teaching music in public schools. Are there other reasons I should consider a music education degree, or would it really not be right for me or my graduation...

Tammy’s Avatar
Tammy Dec 19, 2021 793 views

What are some internships for a teen who interested in culinary?

#internship #chef #college

Nate’s Avatar
Nate Aug 05, 2021 502 views

What can i do to become a baker or teacher.

My names Nate, I am 14, and I want to become a #Teacher and #Baker.

jovira’s Avatar
jovira Jul 08, 2021 502 views

What kind of work experience do you have?

I'm a little bit shy and sometimes outgoing, i love to travel around the world and visit different places. #career

Nayeli’s Avatar
Nayeli Jun 10, 2021 696 views

What are are some possible careers with a BS in Psychology?

I am currently in college and majoring in Psychology. A lot of people tell me I won't be able to find a job with my degree and it has made me a little bit anxious about what to expect after graduation. I want to know what are some possible careers for me that don't require a Masters degree....

siyabonga’s Avatar
siyabonga May 31, 2021 480 views

what do i need to be a qualified doctor

#medicine #doctor...

Naikay’s Avatar
Naikay May 30, 2021 640 views

What are some careers that need great listeners?

I would like to know some careers that you need to be good at listening for. #student #business

Saloni’s Avatar
Saloni May 30, 2021 578 views

how much fee to join the training

#professional #college #career #any #community #community #school #career-choice

Joan’s Avatar
Joan May 28, 2021 749 views

The best place to be a prosecutor

I currently live in Africa and its my dream to become a prosecutor however its not included or necessary in their law so I need to find a place where I can study and become a prosecutor #political-science #criminal-justice #law

Amyah’s Avatar
Amyah May 29, 2021 684 views

How much is law school and is it worth going ? and are there any scholarships I can get for law school ?

#law-school #judge

Bernae’s Avatar
Bernae May 28, 2021 432 views

Do I need to have some sort of degree or credentials before becoming an entrepreneur?

junior in high school.
#entrepreneur #entrepreneur-career

Bernae’s Avatar
Bernae May 28, 2021 499 views

How much do entrepreneurs make a year? What's the minimal & maximum amount I can possibly make?

junior in highschool.
#entrepreneur #entrepreneur-career

Monay’s Avatar
Monay May 28, 2021 737 views

How many years a police officer should do at a university.


Antonio’s Avatar
Antonio May 28, 2021 866 views

How do your earn extra money while in college

#money-management #money #business