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Miami Gardens, Florida
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I want to be an entrepreneur, or a freelance artist.

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Bernae Jun 02, 2021 450 views

While you were an entrepreneur, was there ever a time where your business was failing? How did you overcome that?

#entrepreneur #entrepreneurship

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Bernae May 28, 2021 207 views

Do I need to have some sort of degree or credentials before becoming an entrepreneur?

junior in high school.
#entrepreneur #entrepreneur-career

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Bernae May 28, 2021 231 views

How much do entrepreneurs make a year? What's the minimal & maximum amount I can possibly make?

junior in highschool.
#entrepreneur #entrepreneur-career

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Bernae May 24, 2021 252 views

How do you enter the Mental Health field? What are the obstacles and hardships needed to be overcome?

I am debating whether or not to become a psychologist or any career path in the mental health field. My goal is to help Pw/BPD. #mental-health #mental-health-counseling

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Bernae May 20, 2021 303 views

How do you get started with entrepreneurship? What do you have to do? What things do you have to set up?

17 years old, junior in highschool

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Bernae May 20, 2021 327 views

What are the parts of your job that's not commonly talked about or known?

My name is Bernae, I am a 17 year old in the eleventh grade.
#therapist #psychiatrist #psychologist