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what i want do after engineering? after completing graduation.

can i take admission in mtech, and also can i find job or i will do preperation for gate exam. #engineer

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4 answers

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Rebecca’s Answer

I am not sure I understand your question correct. Are you taking an exam to obtain the admission of mechanical engineering?
If you are interested in Mechanical Engineering, it is indeed a good opportunity for you to obtain an offer from the universities to continue your study. You may need to have good result in order to obtain the offer.
After your graduation, you can seek for job opportunities working in Mechanical Engineering area. On the other hand, the undergraduate courses provide you the training on the mathematical and analysis skills. You can also develop your career on other aspects that can utilize these skills.
You can seek opportunities working as an intern during your undergraduates dates. It can help you to understand whether you really want to develop your career in the industry.
Hope this helps! Good Luck!

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Jon’s Answer

After graduating, there are a few options options you could pursue.

1. Try to obtain an internship in an engineering role. This would allow you to get a better idea of what it's like to be an engineer on a day-to-day basis.
2. Further your education through grad school (Master's or PhD) and research. This allows you to become very knowledgeable and specialized in one specific area of Engineering.
3. Get a job. This would be a way for you to start your career and begin traveling down the path of success.

If at first you don't like your first job, it certainly won't be your last. As an engineer, there is a lot of flexibility on the types of roles you can do. However, it is important that you do your very best at whatever you do.

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Shahrukh’s Answer

There are lot of opportunities in India and Abroad after Btech/BE , the most common and safer ones are below:
1. M tech in top colleges
2. M. S in US/Europe/Asian in one of the top colleges
3. Internship/Full time Employment in your engineering subject
4. Internship/Full time Employment other than your engineering subject
5. MBA in top buisness school

Each one of above are good in its own way. It totally depends on what you like to do and how do you want to pursue your career.
What you want from life ? Is it money ? Is it knowledge ? Is it fame?
Anything is fine to choose from above and trust me you will going to change your "want" over the time and its absolutely normal to do so.
If you are not sure what you need to do ? browse through internet, consult your friends(make it if you dont have :) ) , consult people who took the above paths and take suggestions/advice from them and then take a wise judgement based on what you want and what these career path can propabably give.

"Well planned is half done" .....It is not just the saying!

I believe the first thing that one should understand is to learn "How to learn"

All the best!

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Taylor’s Answer

There are many different options to take after graduating. I believe it is much more beneficial to your career to get some real work experience prior to going to grad school. However, if you are interested in research or lab work it may be more helpful to go to grad school right after graduation.