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What types of careers am I interested in food service?

A chef, food service manager, a cashier, and sometimes a catering career.

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3 answers

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Salvador’s Answer

Hey Grace,

The food industry is very large and has many paths available that can require different classes and experiences. I would start off with listing what you enjoy from the culinary. You should include the pros and cons that you can think off and look up some of the job requirements for specific things. Since you can specialize with things such as pastry and many more. When it comes to being a service manager it's not just about culinary but being able to manage and motivate other around you. The kitchen can be a very chaotic and fast pace having an understating of how to handle high street and make clear decision will help. I would suggest to shadow or work in the industry and see what you enjoy the most of the job. If you are going from one position to another try to focus and see which one you enjoy more and try to focus in that area. Reaching out to your local restaurants and trying to speak to their manager and chefs to get an understating of why they chose those paths. This will give you an inside look of the industry and what goes on behind the curtain.

Good Luck!

This is related to applying for a job as a seasonal retail team member at the Harper bookstore. I served customers with their orders from curbside pickup. I saw some cars driving to the Performing Arts Center and I asked them for their last names and their last 5 digits of their order number. It’s a big responsibility that we give customers the right order. Grace H.

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Dada’s Answer

Hi Grace ,

Food & Hospitality Organization as a whole has plenty of career choices . You should be aware where you as an individual can excel given a choice for eg.., Food Beverage , House-keeping , Front-Office , Food Production etc., Once you have the profile or Career in mind do feel free to leave a post.

Cheers !

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Atul’s Answer

Please do a Google search to identify the Culinary School in your area and see what are the requirements to get admission.
Once you go to school, you will have a clear idea of what you want to do.
Good luck.

This kind of reminded me that I took a foods class during my senior high in high school with Mrs. Johnson. We made a lot of yummy recipes that we just ate like chocolate pudding, cookies, seafood pasta, taco soup, and red velvet cake. We have been cooking all day once in a while since the other days we took notes on safety & sanitation, seafood, cakes, meat, fruits, and kitchen basics & math. Grace H.