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What is the average salary for a pediatric nurse?

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2 answers

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Thomas’s Answer

"The federal government also states that there are more than three million nursing jobs in the US right now, but the industry will add over 700,000 more by the end of this decade. The Department of Labor states that the median wage for nurses in 2010 was $64,600. The top 10% earn more than $95,000. For pediatric nurses with higher levels of training and experience, we expect that you could earn closer to the upper end salary range.

Indeed.com reports that the average salary in this field is $65,000:"

Source: https://nursejournal.org/careers/pediatric-nurse/salary/

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Sanober’s Answer

Hi Bella!

I'm currently a certified pediatric nurse and can tell you that salary will depend on location. Most new graduate nurse salaries start between $26-45/hour. As a nurse in IL, I can tell you that the average salary is $60-70k. Your salary will increase with experience and if you choose to use your nursing skills in facilities outside the hospital, that can also affect your pay. Cost of living in the area you are practicing will also play a role. Practicing in the specialty of pediatrics does not normally play a part in deciding pay.

I hope this helps :)


Thank you for answering my question! :) Bella D.