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I dont know what career would i take in the future..

well I was really asking this question in my whole life of what job career would i take
in the future, my plan was to get a temporary job and once i got enough money to buy some materials I will pursue creating webcomics and stuff or maybe become a digital artist but i dont know if my plan is ok. should i pursue it?

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3 answers

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Lateia’s Answer

Hi Kenth,

It is 100% okay to not know what career path you would like to take in the future.

Access yourself : make sure your are choosing a career that you value, and it’s something that keeps your interest.

Make a list of careers to explore: find the career that appeals to you the most.

Research about the career that appeals to you the most. Know the qualifications and requirements before investing time and energy in the career choice.

Network with teachers, professor, counselor, or anyone who’s decided on the same career path to get information about the career.

If possible you could even see if the career you decide on would offer shadowing, internships, or volunteer hours so you can get hands on experience.

Hopes this helps.

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Sierra’s Answer

Hi Kenth,
It is perfectly ok not to know what you want your career to be yet and taking a temporary job is certainly not a bad idea. Here are somethings to consider when pursuing a potential career.
- What is your potential salary?
- What are your training/education costs? (For example will you need to take classes in graphic design?)
- What does growth in your field look like?
- Will you work for a company or work for yourself?

Take some time to consider these questions and do your research about the job you want. Be flexible and realize you may have to change your plans several times before you land exactly where you want to be. Good luck!

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Kevin’s Answer

No worries Kenth, my nearly 40 year old self is still trying to figure out what he wants to do. Careers can last 20, 30, or 40 years so it's important that you pursue a career in something your are passionate about, that you want to learn more about, and peaks your interest.