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how can i learn more

making fishion clothes #learning

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Desiree’s Answer

I'd suggest that you look into university programs that offer fashion as a focus. Consider doing some on-line research to find a local "Fashion Institute of Technology" or something similar and read the courses they offer. In a quick on-line search, I was able to find https://www.villiotifashioninstitute.co.za/ which you might want to research. Explore their website and learn about the school on-line.

Also, read the biographies or autobiographies of famous fashion designers - you can get books (hard copy or e-books) from your local library.

Learn the basics of sewing and fabric. Even if one day you'll be in charge and you'll have teams of seamstresses under your direction, you still need to understand the fundamentals of how clothes come together. The fundamentals are key to success in any field.

Follow new clothing/material trends and emerging technology. Today there are fabrics that charge your mobile phone as you wear them, prints to confusion artificial intelligence or paparazzi, recycled cashmere, sustainable fibers from bamboo -- there is so much more to fashion now than the just the garment! If you're going to design fashion, you should appreciate all the components and materials that go into making a garment.

Desiree recommends the following next steps:

Research university programs with majors in fashion and design (e.g., https://www.villiotifashioninstitute.co.za/ )
Read biographies or autobiographies of famous fashion designers
Learn sewing and fabric basics
Follow trends and techonology that effect fabrics and design (e.g., use news alerts on your search engine)

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Rebecca’s Answer

If you are interested on fashion industry, there are a lot of resources online and libraries. You can consider to attend some short term courses in your location also. On the other hand, you can also explore any part time or intern opportunities to work in the industry. This is very help for you to determine the real habitat of the fashion industry.
When you grow bigger, you can take the fashion and design as your major of your undergraduate degree.
Hope this help!