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How hard is it to have a job while attending university?

I might have to work as I attend classes. teacher student graduate
student. student

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6 answers

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Daniela’s Answer

Hi Aparna,

The key point between to have a job while attending college, is to try to manage your hours.

It is important to stay focused on the job while you are on the workplace, and focus when leaving the work and go to the classroom.

You can study gradually the lessons of the day. This way you will be better prepared when you have to take the tests.

Study two hours per day. Try to repeat aloud the teacher's guidance, and again solve the lessons made in class. Thus, you will be able to understand the academic content, and best of all, when you have tests, you will not need to spend hours studying all the contents.

All the best and good luck!

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Guilheme Nunes’s Answer

Hi Aparna, nobody can say it is easy, you will probably spend your whole day fulfilling these obligations, but it will be good for both college and work because you will probably find a place to apply what you learn in practice and also have good contact with the "business world".

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Gustavo’s Answer

Hi Aparna,

Have in mind that working as you attend classes may be a great way to differentiate yourself when you graduate, as you will be able to offer real-live experience in your curriculum. Make sure you take care of balancing work-university-personal life and try to identify/pursue working opportunities within your graduation path, like an internship program on a bank if you do study administration/accounting, for example.

Greetings from Brazil!

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Vijaya’s Answer

Hello Aparna,

I could be an example, as i did my and Masters while working. I started working when i was 18 with Diploma degree. Then while working, pursed my and MBA. By 26 years, i had 8 years IT experience with masters degree.

They key thing is Dedication and commitment. As the course will be for 3-4 years, you need to focused and committed. Before starting, think well and make sure that you can commit for it as lots of time and money involved.

Tips :

  1. look for colleges and curriculum which would suites your interest and adds value to your career. And majorly will it suite your time( to balance work, study , house etc )
  2. Should be good at time management, start schedule and have a week/monthly planner so that you will not overlap/miss out any important meeting at office, assignments/exam at college also important events at home.
  3. What ever so happens never drop out. Look for all possible options to manage.
  4. inform or discuss about your plan with managers/peers so that they could support you in completing the course.
  5. also discuss with college staff about your situation so that they could provide some flexibility or support of any kind.

You could reach out to me anytime , if you need more guidance.

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Rajelakshmi’s Answer

Hi Aparna,

Attending university and working at the same time, reflects your commitment to grow and excel as a person.

Kudos to you on that!!

And anytime you have to devote your attention and focus to two different priority task, it all comes down to time management. Also It's important to give your full attention when at work and same goes when attending university.

So few things to take care off, thats worked amazingly for me are,

  1. Finish office task at work hours only (avoid taking them home), minimise break time.
  2. Inform all work related stakeholders about - best time to reach out to you which is office hour only (exception allowed only if emergency).
  3. University related homework's to be completed immediately after college - since the lessons learnt are fresh in mind.
  4. Daily 1 hour to be carved out from routine on revising and studying new topics.
  5. Before going to work spend 15mins to revise previous day learning.
  6. Try maintaining Sticky notes/Hand notes about the subject.

I hope these pointers helps you achieve excellence in both areas!...

All the best and good luck!

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Pankaj’s Answer

Hi Aparna,

There may be different reasons to do a job while studying.

If its the part of study curriculum (like Internship), then you should find it rather interesting and benefiting since it would help you to gain hands-on experience for your profession. All you would need to ensure is organize your hours (studies & work) efficiently. Plan the work-place closer to your college or home in order to save time for your studies.

In case you're planning a job to help fund yourself financially, my suggestion still would be the same. Ensure to find a closer work place to your home & college. Stay motivated towards your real goals and you would not find it difficult handling both at a time.

Please feel free to respond for any questions.

Best Regards,

Pankaj Kumar