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What are different types of architecture?

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3 answers

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Kate’s Answer

Hello Kateryna,
I appreciate your hashtags, Architecture combines the arts and sciences.
If you are asking about the different types of work that architects accomplish, there are numerous areas of specialization in architecture as well as the ability to be a generalist.
Building types and development projects are often classified by their use. These classifications include the following:
Corporate, Civic, Healthcare, Hospitality/Entertainment, Retail, Sports, Residential, Work-Place, Multi-Family, Education, Industrial, Mixed-Use
As an architect, you can specialize in one type of building or work on many types.

There are also specialty areas in architecture. Some specialty areas include:
Supertall Structure Architect: works on high-rise building developments.
Restoration Architect: works on restoring, adapting, and expanding historic buildings.
Green/Sustainable Architect: works to create sustainable and net-zero developments.
Interior Architect: works on interior architecture projects.

A Registered Architect has completed an internship and passed a rigorous series of examinations offered by official architectural registration boards. In the United States, the term “architect” refers to a registered architect. Architects with strong design skills have designed furniture, light fixtures, toys, and numerous other functional objects.

If you are asking what types of architecture design philosophies or styles, the list is very long and includes (this list is not comprehensive):
Prehistoric, Middle Eastern Civilizations, Ancient Asian, Classical Antiquity, Early Middle Ages, Medieval Europe, Asian-Dark & Middle Ages, American Dark & Middle Ages, Renaissance, Neo-Classicism, Revivalism, Industrial, Modernism, Fortified, Vernacular, and many subsets of each stylistic category.

Best of luck researching architecture.

Kate recommends the following next steps:

Web sites to look at:
Search for "women architects" or "architects near me" or "high rise architects" or other areas of interest, go to the architect's websites to see the work
Thank you comment icon Thank you this is very informational. Kateryna
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Kyeremateng’s Answer

The Eight Types of Architects
Commercial Architect. ...
Residential Architect. ...
Sustainable / Green Design Architect. ...
Industrial Architect. ...
Conservation Architect. ...
Landscape Architect. ...
Urban Designer. ...
Interior Architec
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John’s Answer

Architect or Civil Engineering are the two many areas. You can also work in some of these areas.

Self-Employed Architect
Close to a quarter of U.S. architects are self-employed and design buildings on a contract basis for a wide variety of customers. Most self-employed architects specialize in residential or commercial construction, but some do both, and a few specialize in other architectural fields. Self-employed architects also have to run their business operations, which include marketing, general office support and billing -- or find contractors to help with these tasks.

Junior Architect
A junior architect is typically a recent graduate who is hired at an established architectural firm. Joining an established firm gives you a chance to gain professional experience. A junior architect often does a good bit of hands-on drawing work, including converting sketches into technical blueprints using CADD software. Depending on experience, background and personality, new architects are typically given project management or project support responsibilities.

Retail Architect
A retail architect works with large retail businesses to design stores, offices and other facilities. Some retailers have "signature" styles that architects must incorporate into their designs, but some give the architect more freedom to design eye-catching exteriors and attractive floor space to display goods for sale. Most retail architects are employees of the retailer, but some architecture firms also specialize in retail design. Some retail architecture firms also offer interior design services. Retail architects are frequently focused on project management.

Government Architect
Federal, state and local governments all employ architectures to design and build government facilities. Architects employed by government agencies perform a wide range of duties, including designing accessible and attractive public buildings, offices and warehouses. They also hold project management responsibilities. After gaining experience, architects working in government often have the chance to get involved in other aspects of architecture, such as urban planning or community development.

Interior Designers
Many interior designers also have a background in architecture. Interior designers specialize in creating functional and aesthetically pleasing interior spaces. In some cases, interior designers are involved from the earliest planning stages of projects and can even have input on the exterior design and project management. But typically, interior designers are more focused on selecting fixtures, furnishings, fabrics, floorings and color schemes for the interior of a building or residence.
Thank you comment icon Thank you this helped a lot. Kateryna