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bridget’s Avatar
bridget Mar 19, 2022 677 views

Can I be an interior designer as well as a model?

i want to be an interior designer. I'm very passionate about it but I'm worried it might be too stressful and time consuming for me to do modelling as a side job.

Janessa’s Avatar
Janessa Sep 20, 2018 442 views

I am a 10th Grader who is interested in becoming an Interior Designer and I was wondering what steps I would need to take in order to Kickstart that path.

I really enjoy designing and decorating in anyway, whether it be through a computer or a room. I just want to know if there's anything I need to know about Interior Design before going more in depth with this Career pathway. #interiordesign

Piarra’s Avatar
Piarra Mar 18, 2021 388 views

Is doing math a big part of being an interior designer?

I am an 8th grader and I am doing research on different jobs that I might be interested in. #interior-design

Piarra’s Avatar
Piarra Mar 18, 2021 890 views

What do you think on average your yearly salary as an interior designer is?

I am an 8th grader and my class is currently learning about different jobs and job paths. #interior-design

Kateryna’s Avatar
Kateryna Jan 21, 2021 707 views

What is the work of an architect?

#architecture #architectural-design #art #mathematics

Deleted’s Avatar
Deleted Jan 26, 2020 512 views

Can anyone recommend any architecture camps in Toronto?

#architect #architecture #experience

Kateryna’s Avatar
Kateryna Jan 21, 2021 1106 views

What are different types of architecture?

#architecture #art #mathematics

Ben’s Avatar
Ben Feb 16, 2021 594 views

What sort of education must you have in order to get into the field of Architecture?

I am a sophomore exploring different career paths. #career-path #field #architect #architecture

Kendrick’s Avatar
Kendrick Nov 05, 2020 625 views

What is the best thing about being an architect?

#architecture #building

Zee’s Avatar
Zee May 14, 2016 2004 views

What major is the most compatible with the Architecture major to improve the architect career?

I'm currently an high school junior and I'm planning to be an architect. I planned to take two majors to strengthen my future career prospects. Finance might be a compatible degree to the Architecture major but I'm not entirely sure about it. What secondary major is compatible with the...

oci’s Avatar
oci Aug 17, 2020 2530 views

IB courses for interior designer

HELP! I'm starting IB soon and I wanted to know if subjects i picked seem acceptable. I'm aiming to pursue Interior Design in university. Please let me know what you think, if you have similar subjects as I do or even suggestions. Portuguese HL Visual Arts HL History HL English Language &...

Jiselle’s Avatar
Jiselle Sep 04, 2020 499 views

What is all i need to know about going into interior design

#interior-design #interior-decorator #careerchoice

James’s Avatar
James Apr 28, 2018 627 views

What are some higher-end colleges that have a strong architecture program?

I’m interested in a major in architecture, and I’m looking for schools to look further into. #college #college-major #architecture #major