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What is all i need to know about going into interior design

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3 answers

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Brianna’s Answer

Hi Jiselle! An important consideration in deciding to become an Interior Designer is choosing an accredited Interior Design program in college, getting applicable experience, and taking the NCIDQ exam.

This website does a great job explaining the "Pathway to Professionalism" - https://www.asid.org/belong/become

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Kate’s Answer

Hi Jiselle,
Great that you are interested in Interior Design!
To be a licensed Interior designer you will need to graduate from high school, then graduate from a 4 year accredited University/College program. To get your license you must follow the requirements of National Council for Interior Design Qualification (NCIDQ) and pass their exam. Most commercial design firms (firms that provide interior design for stores, hospitals, businesses and industries) require their interior designers to be licensed or to be on their way to licensure.
In high school you should be taking art classes such as drawing, painting, photography, etc. in order to prepare a portfolio. A portfolio is a collection of photographs of your original artwork. Do an online search for "Interior Designer portfolio" for examples.
Most colleges will require a portfolio when applying to the Interior design program so get started as soon as possible on your collection of original artwork created by you. If no art classes are available or you don't have time for them in your schedule, start drawing what you see everyday. Expand upon your drawing by painting and photographing your world, as you see it.
Contact NCIDQ for more information.

Note: You can be an interior designer without a license. I recommend that you follow the steps to licensure.

Let me know what steps you are taking to achieve your goal.

Kate recommends the following next steps:

Goal: Write down your goal and tell people your goal.
Research: Contact NCIDQ to ask them questions. Do they have a mentor program that can help you understand the process?
Plan: Develop a plan to achieve your goal. List classes you need to take, activities you need to do, research you need to accomplish.
Deadlines: Give your self deadlines for all of your tasks, classes and research activities. Track your progress.
Note Accomplishments: Make sure to give yourself applause when you get things accomplished. Focus on what you've achieved.

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Valerie’s Answer

Hi there! My aunt is an interior designer, so this is what she did to get there; although I am sure there are many ways to get to where you want to go.

First, she graduated high school and went to college for 4 years to receive her degree in interior design. After that, she applied for jobs and was able to work for another company. It is good to try and gain some experience in the field throughout college.

Best of luck