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my career goal is to become an interior designer but i don't only see myself doing one career I'm also thinking about becoming a model and being a blogger and basically being an influencer to young people who are still trying to find themselves


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bridget Mar 31, 2022 563 views

is it possible to study interior design in south korea

i was always interested in studying abroad and I'm very interested in studying in south korea, is it possible?

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bridget Mar 31, 2022 484 views

how do i get work experirnce as an interior design student

i really wish to get work experience as an interior design student so that i can learn the ins and outs of interior design but i don't know, how can you help me?

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bridget Mar 19, 2022 759 views

Can I be an interior designer as well as a model?

i want to be an interior designer. I'm very passionate about it but I'm worried it might be too stressful and time consuming for me to do modelling as a side job.