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What kind of degree/education would you recommend someone trying to become a ceo or start a company to have?

I’m in the 11th grade and I love to play baseball. I’m hoping to run a company one day and pursue something business related. #general

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2 answers

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Atul’s Answer

I only know one college that promotes entrepreneurship in the US is Babson College in the Metro Boston area. They have a very successful program. I explored this college when I was looking for College/Univ for my son. It is not easy to get in and at the same time, it is not cheap.
I do not know any other college or univ.

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Farhan’s Answer

I think that real world job experience will better prepare a person to be CEO than any college degree. The overwhelming majority of CEOs out there got the job because they have decades of experience successfully managing other companies, divisions or projects under their belt. An MBA or an undergraduate degree in business can help one develop a mindset for business management. But, that is not what will make a person good at business management or prepare them to be a CEO. Only real world job experience will.