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How do I know if college is for me?

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4 answers

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John Michael’s Answer

I think college can be for anyone. It really just depends what you are interested in. There are so many different subjects out there that colleges offer for you to study to chase your dreams. And if you aren't sure what that is yet, then you can pick whatever subject you think you might be interested in to start. If you change your mind, then you can change your major. College is a great place to figure out what you want to do, but it is even a better place to figure out who you are and what you're interested in. I hope this helps Kimmyari!

John Michael recommends the following next steps:

Think about your interests.
Find colleges that offer good programs that support what you are interested in.
Talk with advisers, family, and friends about college. Maybe, if you know someone in college message or ask them about what their experience has been like.
Do what you think is best for you, and what you think you'll enjoy.
Go for it!
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Cassi’s Answer

Do you have something that you feel confident that you want to pursue as a career? If yes, then go for it. You never want to look back and have regrets or feel like you've missed out on something that could be life changing because you were unsure or fearful. Also, there are people to help and support you along the way (family, friends, advisors...etc).
If you don't know what you want as a career (or college major), you could just focus on taking general courses until you have an idea of what you want to do as an occupation. You could also take a year off of school, work and gain some experiences and see what your thoughts are then.
Just note: College is great and helps with a lot of career choices, but you do not have to go to college to be successful. Relax, take your time and really think about it. You have plenty of time to make a decision about attending college, even if it's not this year. I hope this helps!
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T.’s Answer

These are some extremely valid questions you need to ask yourself, before taking on college responsibilities

 Do You Know What You Want to Do?
 Are you going just because your parents or others expect you to?
 Do you like school enough to go through more years of it?
 Are you willing to put your life on hold?
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Miko’s Answer

Great question! College is for anyone! The college quiz below is helpful when deciding if you want to attend college. Try taking and let me know your results!