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In which stream i should select in higher studies to become a Software Engineer?

I want to become a Software Engineer. But, I couldn't know to select my stream in higher studies. Please tell me which stream could i select? #college #studies

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6 answers

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Wael’s Answer

I believe you should select computer science in your high school and you have some options when it comes to college/university. Computer engineering, software engineering, computer science, and information systems; you could join any of these programs. These programs are very similar and very different in the same time. Research them and pick what works best for you.

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Lovekesh’s Answer

By higher studies I guess you mean between 10th and 12th grade, during this period, you should choose science and mathematics as your subjects. Some schools also offer programming languages (C, C++) as additional subjects so you can opt for them as well. Please keep in mind if you want to go for a formal undergrad course in software engineering after your school, you would need to be prepared to meet eligibility criteria and also clear entrance exams of your choice of colleges. Mathematics and programming languages will help you to have an added advantage.

These days different schools and companies also organise programming competitions (Called Hackathons), you should start participating in these after you have learnt basic programming skills.

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monica’s Answer

Hey Purushotham,

In my opinion, you should go for computer science stream in your bachelors. You might as well go for information technology, computer engineering, etc. As much as it's important for you to choose one of these branches for your bachelor's, it's also important to learn and build some software product/ apps/ web applications in your free time. It gives you hands-on experience right from the beginning. A software engineer is more about developing good products than just reading academic curriculum.

Thanks, All the best for your future!!

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Ken’s Answer


You are asking about an area that will be in high demand in the future. Here is some helpful information:

Here are some schools that might offer the kind of degree that you are seeking.

Best of luck! Please keep me posted. I would like to follow your progress!

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Shruti’s Answer

If you have completed your basic education of 10+2 then you should be good in coding/programming.

- Pursue a computer science degree from a university. You can consider Computer Science or IT as the stream.
- You can also go on to do you masters if you are interested in research or develop a deeper understanding.

Keep in mind that only holding degree will not help you to become a good software engineer.

You should learn Programming languages and write code which can be used in these programming languages.

- Attend Boot camps. Take online courses and read books, articles related to software engineering.

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Pooja’s Answer

Hi Purushotham,
To work towards becoming a software engineer, you can choose to do a bachelors in Computer Science, or Information Technology. Some universities/ colleges (such as UPES, Dehradun) have also started offering bachelor degrees in Cyber security, you could opt for those if you are interested in that direction.

I also have a bunch of friends who picked up the Electronic and Communications Engineering (ECE) branch, and have ended up as Software engineers with very strong hardware concepts.
Hope this helps.

Pooja recommends the following next steps:

Start with programming languages such as C and Python
Competitive programming - Challenges on Hackerearth, Codechef