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Recently, i studied an article in newspaper displaying a car named "Strati". I impressed when continued to read the article because it was a world's first 3D printed car. Please tell me more about 3D printing?

That article was really fascinated me. I want to achieve something on that field. For that, I want to know more about it. Please, guide me. physician scientist k-12-technology

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2 answers

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Wael’s Answer

It is a great and very exciting technology. Check the link below.

Thank you Sir! PENELOPE mgr F.

You are welcome. Wael Al-Rihawi

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Patrice’s Answer

3D printing is easy to learn if you get the necessary equipment to practice. You need to learn to use the software to do the design and then learn to use the printer hardware to create the object you want to print. There are also various types of materials you can use to create the object, so you would learn to determine what properties you need your object to have (strength, cost, food safe, etc.) and pick the best material based on that. Most of the software will model the object before you print it, so you can see what it will look like before hand. Once you print out the object you will learn how to correct issues that occur during the print such as the filament getting too hot (so the object becomes stringy), and object not being strong enough (not enough fill inside the object), etc.