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how can i prepare to become a doctor when im in 9th std

#medicine #medical #anesthesiology
hi im really interested in anaesthesio;ogy i am studying in 9th now but will be going to tenth within a month. how can i prepare so that it can help me

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2 answers

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Janice’s Answer

Hi Karnataka-

Nice to hear you are interested in a medical career.

Continue to take courses in science to prepare you for medical school.
Additionally, try doing some volunteer work for patient contact.
It is always helpful to shadow an anesthesiologist to get a feel for the different shift work, setting and procedures that go along with the profession.
Universities and colleges have preparatory requirements so be sure you are aware of the requirements at each school.
If you know of any anesthesiologists, talk with them about your questions.

Good luck!

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Olivia’s Answer


I think having this career goal in the 9th grade is so awesome! I had no idea what I wanted to do until the very end of highschool and beginning of college! My biggest advice for anyone wanting to pursue any career in the medical field is to have good time management, strong mental health, ability to do volunteer work, and a strong devotion to your studies. I think time management is so important because you will most likely be managing work, school, and a social life. I think maintaining your mental health is so important in order to get through any type of healthcare program. School can be difficult and it can way on you so it's important to do things for you like workout regularly and eat healthy!

I would recommend taking college campus tours of any schools that you are interested in! I did this in highschool and it really helped to see if I could see myself at a big school vs a smaller private school. You can research the best schools for anesthesiology too!

I hope this helps,