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Should I go with an unpaid internship or a paying job?

While an internship could give me valuable experience, I also need money to sustain my livelihood. What should I do? #jobs #internships #internship

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3 answers

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Nasreen ’s Answer

That's a really good question Calvin. I suggest you to go with an unpaid internship. If you opt this, I know u have to bear with the circumstances for a considerable amount of time. But in the long run it will be of much help to you. if you are worried about making a livelihood, you can go for some part-time job. This way you will earn experience as well as money to sustain.

Hope you have a bright future ahead

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Abigail’s Answer

Hi Calvin!

Ultimately, recruiters want to see you working somewhere, preferably in a field that is interesting to you and your future career. I don't think you can lose either way!

Sometimes, you can even manage working both a unpaid internship and a paying job part time on the side. I did this for awhile in high school so that I could afford to do pursue my interests at an unpaid position. If you can find a paying job in the career path you want, even better!

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Louis’s Answer

Calvin, let's stretch the goal a little bit and go for a paid Internship. Work with your on campus career center to help sharpen your resume and find out what companies are coming to your campus. Otherwise, grab the internship as that can go on your resume. Also you may find out that this is not the direction you want to take with your studies and change the course.