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Also, I've also been thinking about getting scholarships and awards for things. What kind of awards and scholarships should a high school student like me work on getting. I have about 300 hours of service hours but I can't find any scholarships for getting a certain amount of service hours. If anyone could tell me some, I would be glad to try and achieve that goal. Also I'm pretty good at academics as well, having a top ten GPA in my grade which is about a 4.5 weighted and taking alot of ap classes. Should I be looking for any scholarships for acedmics? I'm not too much of a sports guys so I probably won't be getting any of that. #scholarships

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Hey Wooju, I love questions like this :-)

Visit www.chegg.com and select "Colleges, Scholarships" on the Nav bar at the top of the page. There's no cost to you to use this service, the only requirement is that you register your email address to create a site login and provide some basic information to help us find scholarship opportunities which are a match for you. See our privacy policy about how we handle your info, we treat it carefully and securely, the policy explains all the details.