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Improving Connections

Asked Marietta, Georgia

What are some good ways to get connected with more people? I have a LinkedIn, but I feel like that isn't very good at expanding contacts yet. I've searched on the internet for people, but I couldn't find any people. I want to meet more people at different jobs and careers and understand what people are going through. So I would like some advice to meeting new people. Is there a way that people go through it and find the people they want to speak with? I don't know how to find people or even talk to them.

P.S. If anyone has a LinkedIn, could you connect with me? #linkedin #consulting #industry-contacts

5 answers

Danielle’s Answer

Updated Boston, Massachusetts
If you are a current student, a great resource is the career services office. Most schools have alumni networks where you can get in touch with alumni of your school who went into fields that you are interested in. You should also do some research about your area to see if there are any active young professional networks nearby that put on events. As mentioned previously, attempting to get in touch with people in person is often easier and makes more of an impact than trying to do it solely through the internet.

Trisha’s Answer

Updated Seattle, Washington
Hi Wooju! I would also suggest looking into on-campus events. Usually business schools host networking nights and information sessions where they invite professionals to speak. These events are a great opportunity for you to speak with professionals and build your network! And I wouldn't restrict yourself to just business schools events - it's great to explore networking nights hosted by other departments as well!

Ken’s Answer

Updated Cleveland, Ohio


Online sources are one way.

However, the most important way to make connections is to do it in person, so that you are able to develop a personal relationship.

Here are some tips: http://www.wikihow.com/Network

Best of luck!

Keep me posted. I would like to follow your progress!

Rachel’s Answer

Updated Chicago, Illinois
Another great resource, if you're enrolled at a university / college, is going to the career fairs that are often held multiple times a year. Those settings will have representation in various career paths. I found going to the department chair of my major was a good source. I was able to meet some of his contacts and start networking and my dept. chair knew of regional activities. Lastly, look into getting an internship. When you're at a job, you're networking more naturally and even if you don't ultimately go down that path for a career, you'll have had the chance to get more of an understanding of that field and an expansive network is always good to have. Good luck!

Ying’s Answer

Updated Indianapolis, Indiana

One way to connect to people is to find something you are passionate about and then get involved in the events. For example, if you are passionate about volunteering you can be involved in the events of some NFP organizations and just move up along the way if you can (like a board member or head of committee). That way you are not only expanding your connections but also doing something you love with people that have the same interest.

Hope this helps.