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Wooju Y. Jul 04, 2016 575 views

Improving Connections

What are some good ways to get connected with more people? I have a LinkedIn, but I feel like that isn't very good at expanding contacts yet. I've searched on the internet for people, but I couldn't find any people. I want to meet more people at different jobs and careers and understand what...

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Ayomide O. Mar 14, 2017 507 views

What type of extracurricular activity are companies looking to see on your resume?

Accounting student at Towson university...


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Alexander B. Sep 01, 2017 434 views

How can I give myself a clear and direct path towards landing a job in my field with my degree?

I want to get a nice job as a business banker when I graduate from SLU, I currently am on a path for a dual Accounting/Economics major, and I want to know what will help me get the job I want using my degree as a tool. Which clubs or organizations will help put some padding on my resume? Which...

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