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How do I know if a career is meant for me?

Im very independent but can work in groups. I like to help people but don't like sitting at a desk all day. career career-choice career-counseling career-path career-options

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5 answers

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Jeremy’s Answer


I think there is a lot of pressure to pick the right career for yourself right away. There are many options suck as job shadowing and internships to help you learn more about a role and there are coaches that can help talk you through things. Find something that you enjoy doing and try to find a company that has that type of work. I thought I knew what I wanted to do but the company I wanted to work for didn't have any openings so I got a job at that company doing something else with the hopes of transferring when a spot opened up. I discovered that I enjoyed doing other things as well as my original targeted job so I moved around in the company doing different roles and I got a lot of experience that has helped me to build to where I am today.
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Jason’s Answer

Internships can help here. When the time is right try to find one in any field that interests you. Then look around. You'll see the roles that are more appealing and thus your trail begins. If the subject matter is interesting to you you'll find your way to the type of work you'll find satisfying.
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Tero’s Answer

Something maybe you would not think could be to consider real estate - you get to help people to find homes and support them to bring their dreams to life and at the same time to move around on top of the part of the job which you do by the desk.

Consider internships maybe in different fields to get a feel of what could be a right path for you.
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Catherine’s Answer

Knowing your strengths is key. You have already identified that you like to help people, but don’t want a job that you sit at a desk all day. Recommend taking a personality test, like the and see what careers are aligned to your personality.

Try different things to see what field interest you. Connect with people in the industry (using LinkedIn). This will help validation what the job is like and the career path. You could also check out YouTube or other social platforms for videos like "day in the life of career"

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Chris’s Answer

I appear to be similar to you in that I am independent (and a self-motivated, self-starter) but I work well in teams, and I always like to "get out there" rather than be constrained to a desk 5 days a week - I always like travel and meeting businesses. I chose Sales...but not immediately. This is often a journey and not something you define immediately. Don't beat yourself up too early if you cannot find your dream job. It is a marathon not a sprint!

I am 49 and worked straight from graduation in my BA Hons in Business Studies. I tried various roles, starting in Marketing, moving into Customer Services for large business, and then I moved into Business Sales where I have been for 25yrs now. I started in an entry level Telephone Account Manager role and rose up into Management and senior roles - my day now is spent (pre-Covid at least) meeting customers and colleagues 50% of the month, working from home 30%, and office the rest. In my Industry at least (IT and Cyber Security), I have great flexibility and autonomy to expressive myself business-wise. The downside in Sales is targets/quotas and pressure to deliver - but, whilst some people see that as stress others use it as positive pressure to focus and achieve. Only you can work that one out, sometimes through experience.

I would say it is important to do something you enjoy. Sounds obvious but how many people do we know who are miserable in their jobs? Whilst I have always wanted to make good money, my approach has always been that I need to do work I enjoy doing, then if I enjoy it I will excel, and if I excel the money will come. This approach has worked well for me - I have turned down high salaries to join a company and role that is better aligned to my values and what I will enjoy. Once you get there, use all the training and development opportunities you can better and further yourself. It will help promote you within the organisation and strengthen your resume for your next roles in other employees.

On resumes, always ensure you support your capabilities and results with fact based evidence. May not even be work related if you have little work experience - you can easily show your strengths and attributes by relating this to work you did in school or clubs or community work.

There is also a good book called "What colour is your parachute?" which helps you identify what makes your tick and what kind of career and purpose will suit you.

Hope this helps, and good luck!! The World is your oyster - whilst it can seem daunting sometimes, everyone has to go through the journey of discovery and it will provide vibrant and exciting times - go for it!!!