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Is it possible to have mutiple careers? Like for examole, some celebs would also be an actress/actor or in music industry.

Asked Montclair, New Jersey

My name is Michi. I'm
a student in high school and these are questions are curious about. I've always been interested in a variety of careers and don't think I'd be able to do just one. #in #knowledge

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Evi’s Answer

Updated Eu, Normandy, France

Hi Michi,

According to me this can happen for sure. In my personal case my full time job f.e. I'm a Project Manager for European Institutions and NATO. However I have a business of my own where I sell crochet creations (https://www.facebook.com/vanvie.be/) which I work on during my spare time. Both jobs have nothing to so with one another.

On the other hand there are thousands of examples of people doing one job for years after graduating but decide after decates it is not what they like to do and pick up another career path.

So either you combine careers or you live them one after the other. I think if it works for you and one career does not affect the other, why wouldn't you try.

Best of luck. Grtz