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gunashree’s Avatar
gunashree May 02, 2016 892 views

Should children be educated in school or not????

Children get irritated at school. Even for boring classes, they can get their education at home. My question is that if they read at home and get the same education as they did in the school, what's the difference??????????
#teaching #teacher #high-school-classes #teach

Brandon’s Avatar
Brandon May 30, 2017 1121 views

How do you focus and manage your time wisely?

It's very hard to focus, even though it's quiet. I easily get bored. It's also hard to manage your time. I always procrastinate. #studying-tips #focusing #procrastination

Alexandra’s Avatar
Alexandra Jun 08, 2017 785 views

Advice for running workshops?

I'm possibly going to be teaming up with a sex therapist in her new private practice planning and running some sexuality-related workshops. I was wondering if anyone had tips on hosting these, such as: - How best to gather ideas? - What kinds of people-skills I might need? - How to keep them...

abdul’s Avatar
abdul Jul 04, 2016 644 views

my aim is to become a personal assistant?which subject iwant to take? please guide my career!

my career is personal assistant! #any #professional

Tiffanie’s Avatar
Tiffanie Jul 13, 2016 1107 views

What is a good way to get jobs?

Most jobs are now accepting applications online, so you don't go in person and ask for an interview. Is there another way that gives you a higher chance of getting the job you want? How did you get the jobs you have? #career #money #job

Tiffanie’s Avatar
Tiffanie Jul 14, 2016 1025 views

Is how happy you are related to how successful you are?

If you think you are happy, are you also successful? haha i don't really know what to say. I guess in my opinion I believe this isn't true because you can be happy without being successful, just content. #career #success #happy

Javonte’s Avatar
Javonte May 24, 2016 1541 views

What is your job?

I want to know what you do and the differences between the jobs.

Tirsana ’s Avatar
Tirsana Jul 13, 2016 908 views

What are some common interview questions that one can expect?

As a college student whose looking into job interviews in a couple of years, I really want to familiarize myself to the process. #business #anthropology #museums

Michi ’s Avatar
Michi Jul 11, 2016 655 views

Is it possible to have mutiple careers? Like for examole, some celebs would also be an actress/actor or in music industry.

My name is Michi. I'm
a student in high school and these are questions are curious about. I've always been interested in a variety of careers and don't think I'd be able to do just one. #in #knowledge

Sydney’s Avatar
Sydney Jun 21, 2016 4063 views

What do you put on your resume when you've never had a job before?

I want to apply for jobs, but I don't know how to market myself since I don't have any previous job experience. I'm just looking for a part-time job since I'm in college. #jobs #resume #part-time

Janna’s Avatar
Janna Jun 13, 2016 499 views

dream job?

How do you get your dream job?

Calvin’s Avatar
Calvin Jun 13, 2016 983 views

How important is social networking?

In a day and age where social networks are becoming the go-to-thing for everything, how vital to one's life and career is it to expand one's social circle and connections? #networking #social-networking