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Career Questions tagged Sexuality

Alexandra’s Avatar
Alexandra Jun 08, 2017 785 views

Advice for running workshops?

I'm possibly going to be teaming up with a sex therapist in her new private practice planning and running some sexuality-related workshops. I was wondering if anyone had tips on hosting these, such as: - How best to gather ideas? - What kinds of people-skills I might need? - How to keep them...

Jack’s Avatar
Jack May 18, 2017 849 views

College? Minors, Majors, and coursework?

I know I may be a little young (ninth grader here) to be asking such a question, but I am curious as to how college really "works". I would love to attend a specific college and I'm going to make sure my grades are good for it, but I wouldn't know what to do after graduating and going off to...