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How important is social networking?

In a day and age where social networks are becoming the go-to-thing for everything, how vital to one's life and career is it to expand one's social circle and connections? #networking #social-networking

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4 answers

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Evi’s Answer


An interesting article I found on this topic was the following. Maybe it helps you as well.

Keep in mind Personal Branding is hot topic those days. It all comes down to knowing yourself, knowing how you want the community to see you (both personal as well as professional) and to introduce this branding to the world. Social media is the best tool to use. But not the only one existing.

Good luck in your career!

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Simeon’s Answer

Generally, outside of some entry level positions (but even including most of those), people get jobs because of who they know, not what they know. It's important to remember that you need to build bridges before you need them. If you find yourself in need of a bridge right now, it's already too late. One of the first things to remember with networking is that it's difficult to network above your employment level, meaning you'll have the easiest time networking with people who are just like you. Networking is more of a long-game thing. Once the friends you've made are doing better off, they are likely to turn around and help you find a position as well. Trying to network to managers and recruiters is not really different than a normal cold-call asking for job positions. Go to events if you can, but don't forget to reach out to the people that you already know.

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Josie’s Answer

Social networking is very important in building your own brand. Using sites like LinkedIn to build your expertise through sharing of information helps people learn of your interests. When you have the opportunity to be quoted in blogs, podcasts, and other social media forums allows your brand to continue to build through a great social audience.

When building your brand on LinkedIn don't connect with everyone but only those that you have something in common with or that you can add value as a member of their network.

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Dennis’s Answer

Hi Calvin,

Social Networking is definitely important, and as Evi had mentioned it helps a lot with Personal Branding. A result that will come from personal branding is building up a network of connections with like-minded people - those who have similar career goals and passions as you do. This can help accelerate your career growth, as you will be able to connect with experts in the field as well!

In my experience, there are cases where professionals or Recruitment teams will go through LinkedIn to look for possible candidates. They look through their job profiles, work experience, and skill sets. They also check out your other social media to get a sense of what your personal brand is.

Maintaining this personal brand is very important and will help you to get to the places you want to go.