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Posted on Jun 21, 2016

My career goal is to be able to make a living by acting/singing/dancing.

Context: I have 16 years of dance lessons/experience, including five years at a pre-professional ballet conservatory, and about four years of singing lessons. I have been performing in plays and musicals since I was 12 years old. I knew in high school that I wanted to go to college to hone my craft and learn how to make it in the theatre industry. I am currently pursuing a BA in Musical Theatre at Columbia College Chicago. I am considering a minor in either Stage Combat or American Sign Language. Both of these topics interest me, and having knowledge in either of these fields would increase my opportunities in the theatre industry. I plan on auditioning in the spring for professional shows so I can stay in Chicago for the summer and perform. I plan on living in Chicago after I graduate for at least a year and taking advantage of what can be considered as the theatre capital of the world. From there, I'll go wherever the opportunities take me!
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Sydney R. Jun 23, 2016 661 views

Which is easier to maintain: a blog or a vlog?

I've been thinking about starting a blog about my endeavors in college as a musical theatre student and to share the knowledge I'm gaining from my experiences in this field. Now I'm considering creating a YouTube channel to express my thoughts. I'm not sure platform which I should commit my...

#blogging #networking #youtube #social-media

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Sydney R. Jun 22, 2016 511 views

Do I need to major in education to teach English overseas?

I'm interested in travelling in my twenties, and I hear that teaching English is a good way to make money while living in another country. Is this still a possibility for me if my major has nothing to do with education? #teaching #college-major #education #english...


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Sydney R. Jun 22, 2016 2028 views

What would you have done differently in college/university?

If you could go back in time, what would you have changed about your college experience? What are the things you're happy you did and wouldn't change? I'm looking for suggestions regarding all aspects of college -- academic, social, personal -- everything. I'd especially appreciate advice...

#college-advice #school #university #college #college-jobs #college-bound #college-major #college-minor

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Sydney R. Jun 21, 2016 715 views

What kinds of internships would be good for someone seeking a career in theatre?

My dream is to be an actor, but I know you can't really intern as an actor :) So what kinds of internship possibilities are there for people who are interested in the performing arts? #internships #acting #internship #theatre...


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Sydney R. Jun 21, 2016 467 views

When is the optimal time to apply for a summer job?

I'm wondering if there's still enough time for me to apply for a job this summer. I have to go back to college in September, so I'd only have July and August to work. Is that enough time to get hired, be trained and hold a job? #jobs #work #hiring #employment #summer-jobs #part-time...

#employee-training #job-applications

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Sydney R. Jun 21, 2016 3505 views

What do you put on your resume when you've never had a job before?

I want to apply for jobs, but I don't know how to market myself since I don't have any previous job experience. I'm just looking for a part-time job since I'm in college. #jobs #resume...