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How can I stick out on my college application?

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3 answers

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Akinyele’s Answer

Hi Nolan,

There are several things you can do. I have my suggestions listed below:
1. Make sure your essay is strong. Tell a compelling story. Have it double and triple checked by close advisors and teachers.
2. Make sure you've been apart of clubs, sports, or other organizations. More importantly, make sure you've had leadership positions in one of the three.
3. Have good standardized test scores, SAT & ACT. Likewise, explore test optional schools and see if you can see yourself attending one of these schools.
4. Make sure you were involved in civic engagement, colleges love this!
5. The earlier you submit the better. I submitted mine late and had no issues but submitting earlier tends to be better for most.
6. If you have the chance, visit the school and make mention of this in your application. Write about something that you found to be unique about the campus' culture or schools' community.
7. Make sure your grades are good enough for whatever school you're applying to.
8. Make sure you're aware of your admissions representative for your geographic region. Reach out to this person(s). This will help you to stand out and they'll be familiar with you.

~Hopefully this helped!

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Anthony’s Answer

Hey Nolan,

How you can stick out on your college application is by:

1) Ensuring that your application is submitted early

2) Adhere to all written instructions

3) Have great SAT/ACT scores

4) Write a great essay (You will need to write, and re-write and re-write until you feel strongly about the final draft)

5) Have some community involvement under your belt

6) Seek assistance from others that you trust to get feedback

Hope that helps

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Audrey’s Answer

Hi Nolan!
I'm a college student who recently went through this process, and I would say that the greatest tips to standing out are to be honest and show what makes you, you. Most of the time, people try to stand out through quantity (i.e. number of extracurriculars, SAT score, etc.) rather than quality (what makes them unique), and I think this ends up hurting them in the end. It's better to devote yourself to 1-2 things rather than a whole bunch, I would say. Good luck! :)