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How is it serving in the navy

I want to severe in the navy when I graduate high school #careers

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2 answers

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Jacob’s Answer

Hi, John,

I did not serve in the navy, I was an infantry officer in the Army, so I can't speak to what Navy life is like. I can give some overall caveats about serving in the military and give you some questions to think about.

Serving in any branch of the military is incredibly challenging and not for everyone. The experience differs vastly from the romanticizing depicted in movies and video games. I highly encourage you to thoroughly research the different options available in the Navy - the link below is a good starting point. I would also recommend trying to talk to those who have actually served in the specialties that interest you. The military is a daunting but rewarding career option. I tremendously value the lessons I learned during my service but do not feel that I did a very good job of researching the various options before I selected my specialty. Again, think carefully about both what you want to do in the Navy and also why you want to serve.

Some questions I recommend considering are:
- Do I want to enlist or become an officer?
- Do I want to serve in the Navy Reserves or Active Duty?
- Do I want to attend college? (Required to become an officer and a big difference maker as an enlisted Soldier - if you're considering enlisting in the Navy as a career, finishing college is a good way to differentiate yourself from your peers.) I know you indicated in your question that you want to join after high school but I think you should still consider college (there are lots of tuition assistance options if the military is something you want to do).
- Have I discussed this decision with my parents/family? How will they react? Will they support my decision? (I would encourage honest dialogue early in the process.)
- Have I considered the prospect of time away from family and friends at Navy installations that are frequently isolated and far-removed from cities/airports, making travel home challenging?
- Have I considered the prospects of deployment overseas and the implications that go along with fighting a war?
- Have a considered the length and discomfort of the training that I am required to complete?

I hope this helps. Good luck with your decision and feel free to add a comment if you have any follow-up questions.

Jacob recommends the following next steps:


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Kathleen’s Answer

The military can be a fulfilling career for many, so talk with former or current individuals who either served or are currently serving in the Navy to hear about their experiences, the good and the bad. Talk with your school counselor or maybe a recruiter about what the Navy may have to offer you. Most important, talk with your parents as they may know either someone who was career Navy or someone who is current.