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Investment Banking Analyst Career Information

I am coming to you today to learn more about this career that I gained interest in just a few days ago. I do not know much about this career and I was hoping you could help me. I know that this career has to do with business accounting which I am happy about, but I need to know more and that's all everyone is giving me. job job-search information learn

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2 answers

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Ramesh’s Answer

Investment banking is about mergers and acquisitions, IPOs (initial public offering) and other financing issues that large companies face. As an analyst in an investment bank you will help create the financial models to help the bankers make decisions. So you have to understand finance well, be good at excel and most importantly be willing to work long hours!

Hope this is helpful.

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Brittany’s Answer

The role of an investment banking analyst is primarily to put together pitches for various stage companies that require financing. As Ramesh mentioned, this role likely comes with longer hours, especially at the beginning. At the start of your career, you'll likely be putting together PowerPoint presentations, excel models, etc. though as you move up, you would get to work directly with clients and help provide solutions to some of the problems they are facing. It may be worth exploring some other resources online (e.g. to get a feel for the day to day work and to see if this is something you are definitely interested in.