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How to determine which major or classes to take for medical interpreters?

I was introduced to the career of medical interpreters in a program I attended and it caught my attention. I would like to know what majors or classes would be important to take and the path to become one? #career #medicine #majors #classes

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Geoffrey’s Answer

Hi Yadira,

Very interesting...not very familiar with this field myself, but do know that it is very important work that is focused on ensuring that non-english speakers are able to feel comfortable in healthcare settings.

I'd recommend you visit the following sites to learn a bit more about the industry...

International Medical Interpreters Association


On that site, you can learn more about how to get trained / certified in the profession.

National Board of Certification for Medical Interpreters




Appears that a college degree isn't required, but I imagine that it would help you significantly in the long run in the industry...perhaps consider a degree in Healthcare and/or Communication (+ Foreign Language if you aren't already fluent). Know that there are specific certificate programs in Medical Interpretation as well.

Good luck to you!

Hope this helps.