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How do you figure out what major and career you want to persue in

My career goal is to be a graphic designer. I have a good idea of how computers work and enjoy making pictures using different tools and devices. I would hope to make a living off of creating artwork and showing my creativity.

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3 answers

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Traci’s Answer

If you've already decided on a career goal, I'd recommend seeking out others who are currently employed in your field of interest. If you're at least 18 years old, you can create a LinkedIn profile. This is a professional social media platform that will allow you to network with others who are in your field of interest. Consider getting help from a trusted adult who may already have a LinkedIn profile as they can offer you additional guidance on this front. The same goes for a professional Instagram (keep this I/G separate from your general social media). As you network with others in the graphic design field pay special attention to any types of certifications they have acquired as this may signal where you'd like to focus any formal educational pursuits. Inquire about software platforms they utilize and why; tools of the trade, etc.

Additionally, given that you are already talented/creative, start building a portfolio (a collection of your work) to showcase to others. This can be a hardcopy or digital version. You can build a portfolio by volunteering to do a piece of work for various small businesss or organizations (think local churches, small hot dog shop, barber shop, etc.). Let them know that you're trying to build your brand, and if they like what you've done, ask them for a testimonial statement (this can be posted on your LinkedIn or I/G page). Don't forget to follow others in LinkedIn and I/G who are already doing what you desire.

All the best to you!

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Dane’s Answer

Finding a career that best suits your interests and passions can be tough but exciting at the same time. I agree with Lauren, the best way to really know if you enjoy doing something is to just try it.

Do hefty research on the majors/subjects that you are interested in. After doing your research, look up the careers that are birthed from those degrees. Once you've identified the careers that have caught your eye, look for the people that are currently in those careers and seek informational interviews. Ask what they like and what they don't like and ask MULTIPLE people (experiences differ from person to person) - this way you can have a better understanding of the job title itself and what it entails.

Don't be scared to try and don't be scared to ask many, many questions.

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Lauren’s Answer

The best way to see if you enjoy something is to try it! Aim for a part-time internship in a graphic design department. If that’s not possible, I recommend doing informational interviews with people in the industry. Most professionals will take an hour to talk with you and answer any questions you’d have.