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how to become a manufactoror

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2 answers

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John’s Answer

Manufacturing covers a large area. To become a manufacturer you can Manage or be part of an existing company or start your own Company to make a special product to sell. All items from paper, computers, automobiles, airplanes were all made by manufacturers. Get good grades, especially math and science, and set goals for what you want to do. Have your own Company, be an engineer to make machines to make things. There are unlimited things you can do in manufacturing.

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W Hamilton’s Answer

Good Evening, and thanks for your question. I do not think anyone jumps into manufacturing, unless they have an 'idea' first. They have the desire to look at the possibilities, and try to make it work. They mostly tinker in their basement or garage, until they have something. If it is fairly easy to make, they can start production right there, in the old homestead. If it is more complex, they need to consider the cost of equipment to make what they want. Alternatively, they can contract out the making of the various parts, and do the final assembly at home.

All of this takes time, though. You can read about famous manufacturers, like Henry Ford, or Steve Jobs, and you will get the idea of the dedication it takes to start with little or nothing.

If your idea is a truly super idea, then you can see if you can get some investors. This takes a business plan, something that will help the potential investors understand the idea, and the need for it.

We have not even talked about patents yet!

Hope this helps

W Hamilton recommends the following next steps:

Steps 1 through 3 are Research Research Research. Is this truly a new idea, or has someone done something similar before? Is yours better? Google will be your best new friend.