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how do i become prepared for marketing?

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4 answers

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Sandra’s Answer

There's a couple ways you can prepare yourself:

1. Keep yourself up-to-date with current events and follow websites dedicated to marketing (for example: AdWeek, DigiDay, The Drum, Marketing Land). Also, it's important to understand how consumers' behavior are shaping marketing so any research or trend reports on what consumers values and do online/offline will help you become a valuable marketer. A great source is eMarketer and sometimes, they publish articles for the public for free!

It's important to stay in the know because you can see examples of what brands, agencies and platforms are doing in the space. You can subscribe to a newsletter so you can get your information in a timely manner and in one place.

2. Work on excel skills by watching YouTube videos and practicing on an excel doc. For example, you can create an excel document to keep track of places you want to visit, things you want to pack if you going somewhere, shopping lists, etc.

Marketing is very data driven and most of the information sits on excel sheets. Learn how to use excel so you can find the information you need quickly (and it also keeps you organized). Some components of excel that are helpful for marketers include: V Look Up, Sorting, Removing Duplicates, Pivot Tables, Creating Graphs. Excel really is a time saver!

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Liz’s Answer

I would echo everything that has been shared, great advice! As a student I would also look at MarketingEdge https://marketingedge.org/ which has programs and learning for future marketing leaders. Best of luck!

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suhail’s Answer

Product, Price, Place and Promotion are called the 4Ps of Marketing when you look at ads, try to view them from these four perspectives. You would find every ad is trying to influence consumer behavior towards a particular product.
If you look at the numbers behind you would be amazed of the role of Marketing - As an example every time an ad for a popular noodle brand runs on TV within a few hours sales of the product would reach a few tons. If you look for such interesting snippets you would appreciate the field.

suhail recommends the following next steps:

Get a book from Peter - https://www.forbes.com/2006/06/30/jack-trout-on-marketing-cx_jt_0703drucker.html?sh=5aa5e3d8555c

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Paul’s Answer

Great advice here, and I would add empathy. Marketing (and I would argue all business) is all about empathizing with the customer and the problem they are trying to solve or the need they have. Taking the time to do the research not only into the market sector you are looking to target. but the people doing those jobs or needing that service. Build profiles and out yourself in the shoes of those people before you write a single word on a website about a product.
Also, being able to write clearly, creatively and succinctly is essential.