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Chicago, Illinois
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Noel’s Avatar
Noel Jun 25, 2021 440 views

What is your Goals for the Future?

My Goals is to be a acting person and a nba player and Teacher Assistant. #sports#career #nba #acting .

Kyle’s Avatar
Kyle Jun 14, 2021 332 views

what can i do to be able to talk to people

I am a strong and dependable person. I am a little shy when it comes to talking to people and get nervous but I do anyway. i can do take hard but true advice. #career

Cassie’s Avatar
Cassie Aug 24, 2018 811 views

Do you have any advice on finding a job as an editor after graduating college?

#jobs #job-search #entry-level

Elbe’s Avatar
Elbe Apr 15, 2021 718 views

How do I know what I want to go to collage for

There are 3 main careers I want but don't know how to choose. I want to be a Actor, Teacher, or Lawyer. #teacher #educators #theatre #students #veterinary-technician

Chandler’s Avatar
Chandler Nov 28, 2017 1825 views

Tips on public speaking?

I’ve always hated public speaking.... I was wondering what some tips are for staying calm while giving presentations

#public-speaking #public-relations #public-sector #motivational-speaking #speaking #presentations #presentation

Scream’s Avatar
Scream Apr 11, 2021 597 views

Fulltime at local company or internship at multinational company?

I want to work at big company and they only offer internship, should i take intern or just get full time job at local company? #internship #job-search

Madison’s Avatar
Madison Jan 16, 2018 750 views

Paper or online calendar?

I'm looking for some advice on organization. Many of my peers use a paper agenda to keep track of assignments and due dates. Others use online applications or calendars. I want to stay organized, but I'm not sure what's best for me. #organization #studying-tips

Drake’s Avatar
Drake Apr 06, 2021 786 views

Why did you choose to be on Career Village?

I am excited to learn more about what there is to offer! #career-development

Kenth’s Avatar
Kenth Apr 08, 2021 790 views

Im burnt out and out of ideas

it started like around 3 weeks after I did some drawing spree, when I draw something I never finish it I got easily burnt out and when I tried going back to that art I began losing interest in it , maybe its because I draw too much for straight 2 weeks? Should I rest for at least a month or...

Naiela’s Avatar
Naiela Mar 27, 2021 708 views

How did becoming older affect your view of life?

#career #scholarship

Eshan’s Avatar
Eshan Mar 28, 2021 826 views

How does a high school junior with no work experience get a job?

I'm a high school junior trying to find a summer job to enrich my experience . #jobsearch #high-school-jobs

Bella’s Avatar
Bella Nov 12, 2020 876 views

How can I survive an unpaid internship?

After I graduate high school, my goal is to move to NYC and do 3-4 fashion internships, which I know rarely pay at all. I would really appreciate any tips about how to not go broke living like this! #fashion #intern #internship #summer #apparel-and-fashion #fashion-shows

Eldon’s Avatar
Eldon Mar 09, 2019 1479 views

Why did you choose tech?

Tech is so new and coming. Why did you choose to go into the tech industry? #tech

tony’s Avatar
tony Mar 18, 2021 433 views

how to do maketing


tony’s Avatar
tony Mar 18, 2021 541 views

what do i do when i go to college

#college #athletic-training