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How do I know what I want to go to collage for

There are 3 main careers I want but don't know how to choose. I want to be a Actor, Teacher, or Lawyer. teacher educators theatre students veterinary-technician

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5 answers

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Gloria’s Answer

Hi Elbe,

If you have not started college yet, I am not sure that you need to decide before you go. Getting a bachelor's degree takes four years. The first two years are often just core subjects, without a need to really know your major. I would recommend that you take those two years to take classes on teaching, theater, and initial classes on taking care of animals. This is the time for you to work through your expectations on each role. All of them are challenging in their own way. Your challenge is to determine which one you would want to still do even when it gets hard, or especially when it gets hard.

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Haven’s Answer

It's difficult to choose a career once you narrowed it down. However, one way to really know what you want to be is to go to college for is to take those courses in acting, education, and law and see which interests you the most. Additionally, talk to your professors and shadow people in these careers to get to know more about the field. Ask questions such as: Why do you like being teacher? What are the biggest struggles as a lawyer? Through these experiences and conversations, you may realize that acting is more of a hobby than a career, for example. Or maybe, you come to realize that you can combine both teaching and acting together and become a drama teacher. Overall, the best way for a student to know what career to go into is three things: taking courses within these fields, talking to professors, and getting actual experience by job shadowing people in those careers.
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Giosyamirith’s Answer

It really does depend on what you are passionate about and what you can see yourself doing in the long run. There’s a very wise saying that goes like, “Do what you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.”

It’s alright to not know everything right now either. I, myself, struggled with choosing the right career path. But all in good time, you’ll discover what it is that you’ll love to do.
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Christopher’s Answer

It really depends on your passion and what you wish to do. What is the reason you want to be an actor? What is the reason you want to be a teacher (and what type of teacher)? What is the reason you want to be a lawyer? I personally would do two different things: spend time during the first two years of college exploring the variety of subjects and classes to find something you love. For all you know, you may elect something completely different from teacher, actor, or lawyer.

Additionally, like others have mentioned, I would seek out professionals in each field and gather advice/input as to what they love about the career and what they would like to to change about the career.
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Sandra’s Answer

Whether you are in high school or college, it is never too late to decide what you want to pursue your studies in. To determine which career path is best for you, I would consider the following:
- List what you value and look for in your career (work life balance, pursue passion, stability, etc.)
- Take classes related to the careers you are interested in pursuing (i.e. law class, theater class)
- Shadow or intern at a law firm, theater/acting company, school
- Network with lawyers, actors, and teachers by sitting down with them and asking questions about their studies and careers (try to find a contact through friends and loved ones that you can trust)

Hope you find these tips helpful!