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Columbia, South Carolina
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Madison Jan 16, 2018 800 views

Paper or online calendar?

I'm looking for some advice on organization. Many of my peers use a paper agenda to keep track of assignments and due dates. Others use online applications or calendars. I want to stay organized, but I'm not sure what's best for me. #organization #studying-tips

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Madison Jan 16, 2018 1479 views

Are sports an asset on a resume?

I'm a college student dedicated to academics and building a career, but I love sports. Would joining a club sport be worth my time, or should I get involved in a pre-professional group instead? I'm not sure that I would have time for both. #sports #resume

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Madison Jan 16, 2018 836 views

Is graduate school worth the price?

I'm currently a college undergraduate studying finance, but I would ultimately like to start a career in wealth management. My university provides great career fairs where I have learned most students can become employed immediately following graduation. Would going to graduate school launch...