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how to do maketing

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Sandra’s Answer

There's a lot of aspects that come into play for marketing (this can be achieved in house at a company or through an agency to facilitate the work), but at a high level:

1. Campaign Parameters - Understand the business objective goals of the brand you are marketing for (is it to raise awareness, generate leads (e.g. email sign ups, make sales?). Determine how you will measure success, what your budget is, how long the campaign will entail, what creative assets will exist/look and feel.

2. Research - understand who your target audience is, what they want, value and need and where they consume data (are they on social platforms? What websites are they on? Where do they go? What do they watch? How do they interact with things they see?).

3. Identify where you want your content to live based on the research. Will it be on TikTok? A product placement on a tv show? A billboard? You often reach out to media companies (we call vendors or publishers) and request for a proposal (RFP) where they recommend how to market the content to your target audience. Based on the proposals you receive, you identify which companies make most sense to work with (taking into consideration budget and how they reach their audience and what results they can report on). You make an agreement by signing a contract that outlines what work and reporting the media company needs to do.

4. Determine what content needs to be created based on the research and the insights you created. This entails creative and copywriting expertise.

5. Once the content is created, you "contract" platforms/vendors/agencies to launch the content on the channels (i.e. social platforms, apps, out of home media).

6. Monitoring performance by asking the platforms/vendors/agencies to provide reporting metrics and optimize accordingly by switching creative, try new platforms, and shifting budget. Depending on how long the campaign is running and how complex it is you may put reporting together to share with your manager and executives on how the campaign is doing and if it's meeting the campaign's objective and helping grow the company). You can also include recommendations too

7. Once the campaign is over, you create a wrap up report that outlines what the campaign entailed, share any learnings such as which creative helped achieve the campaign objective, what audience engaged with the campaign the most, etc.

Hope this general outline is helpful!

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Corey’s Answer

Marketing as a general overview is the change in public perception of a company; most often for financial gain, but also just from a public relations perspective as well. There exist many different roles and functions in a marketing department as a whole, so the key is to find one that you like the most and focus on that area of expertise.

Corey recommends the following next steps:

Major in an associated field in college.

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Moises’s Answer

You need to understand first the 4 P's of marketing. That is product, price, promotions and place of distribution. Once you know this, then you may start marketing your goods and services.