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Is marketing a good job to have.

I am a middle school student who took a test that said marketing would be a good job for me. #school #jobs

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3 answers

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Jasmine’s Answer

Hi Jwilly

Marketing is a great job to have if you enjoy writing and being creative.

Marketing is a very wide field and there are many paths you could take. You could do marketing for other companies within an agency, or you can do in-house marketing at a company or organization. Maybe you have a hobby you're passionate about, and you could try joining a related company's marketing team. For example, if you enjoy sports, you could do marketing for a sports team.


Here's a helpful link with some more ideas!

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Clay’s Answer

Good morning Jwilly,

Wonderful that you're being proactive with your future career.

I received my bachelors degree in Marketing from Canisius College, with a minor in Finance. The advice I can give is that 'Marketing' is such a *broad* term, therefor it can lead you *many* places, which can be overwhelming. From sales to advertising (digital or otherwise) and beyond. I would do your best to hone in on the path that suits you best/interests you most through High School/college classes and internships.

I ended up really using the finance portion of my degree because the companies I applied to for Marketing had very small departments or needed additional qualifications like graphic design or experience with Customer success managers (CSMs).

I hope this provided some insight. Thank you.

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Bethany’s Answer

Good Morning JWilly,

I think that marketing is a great career to get into. Most importantly it's nice to understand that you must like what you do. Do you think you would enjoy being creative? do you like social media? are you proficient with adobe, the cloud, etc? do you like graphic communications? there are usually some great career technical education programs you can take in high school that will help you find out if this is your passion. I would also suggest business classes so you understand how businesses run and the importance of the marketing piece. In a sense, marketing is trying to "sell" your product or the company's product. I hope this advice helps you. Best of wishes on this, and it's great you are assessing to get started early on figuring out your pathway and passions.