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What colleges should i attend for marketing?

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4 answers

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Latisha’s Answer

Hey Nicholas,

Good question. When you are pursuing a degree, its best to research schools to see which has the best program you wish to study in. Here is a good resource to look at, which highlights the top marketing schools nationwide for 2021: https://www.usnews.com/best-colleges/rankings/business-marketing

Marketing is multi-faceted, so you should also consider, what field of marketing you wish to go into. You might not realize the answer to this off the bat, but having an idea at some point will be helpful in deciding what type of internships you apply for in undergrad, which will ultimately help you obtain a position once you graduate. Some common marketing fields are technology, fashion, medical equipment, and finance. Another major avenue of marketing that has become big over the years is digital marketing, helping companies leverage digital platforms, such as social media to market and promote their services and products.

While I am not in marketing, I do however work closely with a marketing team, in the corporate finance field. Some of the folks I have worked with have also obtained professional certifications, such as CFA which can help set you apart from the competition when you are job hunting, so this is something else to consider at some point.

Hope this helps. Good luck in your search.


Latisha recommends the following next steps:

Set up a time to discuss your options with your guidance counselor.

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Jacky’s Answer

For marketing filed, Northwestern University for sure. https://www.kellogg.northwestern.edu/faculty/academics/marketing.aspx

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Stacy’s Answer

Hi Nicholas,
Marketing has such a range of people that work in that field. I did not major in Marketing nor did many of the people on my team.
What I look for as a current marketing leader is a person with a wide range of experience and knowledge. So you do not have to major in marketing to work in marketing. Look for opportunities in Business or Communications, and then maybe a minor in marketing to bring lots of experience to the role. Hope this helps!

Stacy recommends the following next steps:

Meet with someone in Marketing to discuss their role

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Simeon’s Answer

I enjoyed my time in the business school at Houston Baptist University. There were a variety of classes that helped build my knowledge across a wide base of business skills, including marketing. It'll be far ways for you since HBU is in Houston, TX, but look at their website and see if it looks like a good fit for you!