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What should i ask my classmates if i need help?

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4 answers

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Bruce’s Answer

Hi Nicholas - In high school and then college, friends of mine would ask why I always raised my hand and asked the teacher things.

I always told them I did that because I had a question or wanted to know more about something.

I was never embarrassed to do that, and I've always been curious.

I think it's great if you're thinking about asking questions. Every time you do, you show that you are thinking and interested in other people and information.

That type of active thinking will help you and those around you in every way throughout your life.

Best of luck to you. Learn something every day, and stay curious!

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Edwin’s Answer

Hello Nicholas,
Great job, that you acknowledged that sometimes you need help and your classmates are a great resource.

I would recommend you to ask for helpful resources and links. For example, in high school we were required to apply for scholarships and some students had helpful links and shared them with the class.
Through friends, I would ask about their dream job because I would have a difficult time trying to decide my major.
In the email or text, you could start with a compliment and then ask your question. Also, you can ask the same questions but to different people to see their different perspectives.


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Simeon’s Answer

If you feel shy asking for help with schoolwork, you could always propose doing a study hangout and make it a fun experience! Chances are a lot of your classmates are in the same positions as you, and it often just takes one person speaking up to help others in the group admit that they need help as well.

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Frances’s Answer

Hi there!

It isn’t always easy to ask for help. But it’s great that you acknowledge you may need it, and your classmates can be a great guide and support for you!

Following up with Edwin’s answer, you can definitely compliment another classmate’s work if you find that they do well, and you can follow up by asking your question depending on what you’re looking for. For example ,” I like how you did this (name)! Can you show me how you initiated this? / I need assistance with ___ / Do you mind showing me?” Also, just simply asking for help or guidance with something could do the trick.