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Daniel A. Aug 31, 2018 240 views

What are mistakes most college students make?

I know that this applies to many minorities like myself, who are going to be first generation college students, we don’t really have a guide or somebody to tell us what we should watch out for and what mistakes not to make since nobody in our family can warn us about this....


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Lok Yin C. Jan 21 91 views

How to make use of my extended college year ?

I am a university student in Hong Kong. Recently I have failed in completing my thesis in order to graduate. The general office of my major has informed that I have to extend my study period in order to retake this subject. I am quite worried as I am afraid that I would waste a lot of time,...

#unemloyed #direction #gpa #fail #worries #thesis #lowgpa #architecture #urbanstudies #finalyear

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Shane R. Jan 22 1453 views

What is the best way to start investing in the stock market

I am interested in this topic because I want to begin investing in stocks I am in grade 11 I want to have multiple streams of income when I am older and the stock market is one of those potential streams....


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Mariam A. Feb 04 236 views

How to find an internship?

I have to find an internship next, still didn't find a way, no one answers my demands...


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Shan T. Feb 20 225 views

Interview Tips and Advice and Questions

What are some common interview questions that private universities tend to ask their applicants when trying to decide for admission or scholarship purposes? What questions do you remember being asked? Or think they will ask? Any tips and advice, for a student who is undergoing the interview...

#advice #college #tips #interviews #interview-tips-and-adive #guidance #career #and

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Giovonni R. Feb 23 88 views
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Ava W. Feb 23 40 views
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Christian E. Feb 23 83 views

when looking to find out what major i am interested in, what do i look at to get a understanding?

i am a Junior in High School and struggling to find out a major i am going to study. I am interesting in the sports industry as well as business #majors #college-majors #choosing-a-major...


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jose M. Feb 23 27 views

i want to own a sneaker business what should i do to get to that point

I put in the effort to things when i need to...


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Jesse C. Mar 17 46 views

What do you do and how much money do you make from what you do.

I am an athlete, I play football, and basketball and I enjoy being with my friends....


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tony B. Mar 18 106 views
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Nicholas C. Mar 18 102 views
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Ramon C. Mar 23 102 views

How should I go about becoming a streamer.

My name is Ramon Coleman i'am 17 and I want to be a professional streamer. #professionals...


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Scream O. Apr 11 83 views

Fulltime at local company or internship at multinational company?

I want to work at big company and they only offer internship, should i take intern or just get full time job at local company? #internship...