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How to apply for online jibs

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6 answers

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Angelina’s Answer

Hi Quianna,
I think that creating a LinkedIn profile helps a lot with building your professional resume, and is also a great way to expand your network. You're able to list all your past experience and it helps employers learn more about you. Also, I think a great resource for finding jobs online is sites like Indeed, Handshake, or Glassdoor. You can search for whatever industry you are interested in and you will be able to see who is hiring in that field. There is also the option to be notified if there are employers in that field who are looking to hire. They can recommend similar jobs to the ones you have already applied for. There is a wide range of jobs that you can search for, and nowadays many employers use those online resources to hire.

Good luck!
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Nicole’s Answer

Hi Quianna J. Thanks so much for your interesting question!

Depending on the type of job that an individual is looking for, there may be some prep work that is required even before the actual act of doing/completing an online application.

Some jobs applications require that the applicant submit a copy of their resume, some don't. Some jobs require proof of certification(s) that can be used to demonstrate depth of knowledge in a particular area, that the hiring company really needs...some don't. Some jobs require proof of a degree to get a sense of whether or not the applicant is a good fit for the job the employer is seeking to fill.

Some job applications ask the applicant to write a little about themselves. It could be something like uploading or typing a few paragraphs about yourself. In combination with a well-written resume, writing about yourself can make a big difference when doing an online application.

Once this background material is taken care of, the applicant can go to many different online job sites to apply for jobs. One only has to look at commercials on TV to see where they can go online to apply for jobs, particularly now, in the year 2021, when so many companies are hiring.

Having done a good number of online applications myself, I share that after an individual does the first 2-5 online applications, "the how" for filling out online applications becomes less and less difficult.

Hope you find this information helpful. Best of luck to you!
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Edwin’s Answer

Hello Quianna,

Great question!

I found online websites such as LinkedIn or Glassdoor to be very helpful when trying to find new jobs! I would suggest you filter jobs to “remote” that way you could choose to work online if that was your preference.

Also, you could try and ask close friends or family members if they know about any openings.

Lastly, when you visit the physical location you could ask if they are hiring and this would lead to a great first impression, if the place is hiring they might tell you to apply online. The online application is somewhat easy, with just lots of information to fill out.

Most importantly, you got this and I am rooting for you! Please keep us updated about your job application process, I am here if you have any other questions!

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Shelby’s Answer

Hello! You can start with a job search engine like and also look into companies in your area you would be interested in working for and search through their open positions on their website. You may also think about taking an internship while you're in college and seeing if you like that company and possibly end up getting a position with them after the internship is over.
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Naomi’s Answer

When I've looked for jobs, I've found that Indeed and LinkedIn provided the best job listing to review. You can place your resume on these sites and setup notifications for a search you'd like to receive results for. Once you find a job, it's easy to apply while you are logged into your account. Good luck in your job search!
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Brad’s Answer

Indeed is a great source for positions. Additionally, you can go directly to the organization's website and navigating to the career section. However, I would start to build your network by establishing a presence on LinkedIn.