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how do i study for marketing?

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6 answers

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Jay’s Answer

Nick, One option is to visit your local community college website and search for Marketing related classes. You would want to make sure that you are taking credited classes so you can transfer to a state college later for an under grad degree. You can also take online courses "Udemy" for example, to see if this is what you have a real interest in.

Community College may be free in your state. You would want to see if this is the case, which would help with managing your debt in the future. Finally, you may want to visit TED talks online and watch Marketing centric topics for general discussion. You could also go online for marketing specific books that would/could spark your interest too.

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Isha’s Answer

Hi Nicholas!

As a marketing student myself I've had trouble in the past retaining the theories I've learned in class. To me, the most helpful way is to connect those theories is to apply them to case studies/examples. When in class, make sure to take notes on the examples your teacher gives you and review those prior to exams! If your teacher doesn't have examples already worked into their lesson plan, ask them! Teachers love engagement and will most likely be pleased you are looking to apply their teachings to real-world examples.

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Steve’s Answer

I would recommend to get a great book on Marketing, be it domestic (USA) or global. Study the 4 Ps closely (Product, Price, Promotion and Price). Read the chapters and then see if you are able to get a mentor to quiz you on key questions within the chapters that would be quite helpful to you.

Try to meet with a Marketing Mentor every 1-2 weeks if schedules allow.

Enjoy the studies.

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Edwin’s Answer

Hello Nicholas,

Your awesome, for developing better study habits!
I would recommend watching Khan Academy and they might have videos.
Also, when you are in class I would suggest taking notes of the important topics.
When you make friends with others in the class, you can see each other’s notes and create study groups.

Remember you got this!


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Simeon’s Answer

Software competencies would be a good bet for educating yourself for marketing. You want to be able to put together a convincing presentation and make alluring product advertisements. Look at SkillShare to see some excellent materials. They have offers and free trials to check out.

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Ellie’s Answer

Hey Nicholas,

Great question. I think the learning you are doing in class must be supplemented with understanding what's going on in the field in real time. My suggestion would be to read up on industry news and find some youtuber's who know what they are talking about. Social Media Examiner is an awesome blog and they have a great youtube channel as well as a podcast. I've learned a ton about what's going on in the market by listening to their podcast. Neil Patel is also a very smart influencer in the space that offers a lot of great advice and instruction on his website. Be sure to check him out!