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Is becoming a chief executive hard?

I'm in middle school and taking a career class. I took a survey to see what career paths were recommended and chief executive was one. I would like to know if I am interested in becoming a chief executive. #career #cheifexective

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4 answers

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Frank’s Answer

There are two primary ways to become a chief executive, also known as chief executive officer (CEO), and they both take hard work. The first way is to climb the corporate ladder of a company. If you start as an entry level employee, that means working hard to get promoted to higher levels, then into management, and then higher levels of management. It would not be quick or easy to become the CEO, who leads the entire company. The second way is to become an entrepreneur. If you create your own product (like an app), you could create your own company. You would then be the CEO of your own company. CEOs have a lot of responsibility for the company and employees. If this is your long-term goal, I would recommend you make short term goals to get started.

I agree with Frank's answer about the 2 paths to take. If you have questions about making goals let us know! Lianna Jackter

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Robert’s Answer

To be a CEO you will need many skills and experience. I agree with Frank that working your way up from the bottom is a good approach. I'd recommend taking math, finance, economics, team building, leadership, business administration and some engineering and/or technical classes. To gain experience you may have to be willing to change roles during your career and the most helpful thing I have done in my career is learn from my mentors. Even if there is not a formal mentorship program you can seek out those people that are successful and ask them to mentor you. I found it helpful to have several plans formulated on how I think I could get to the end goal ( in this case being a CEO) . something like
1. take x & y classes this year
2. take y & z classes during the 2nd year
3. explore which colleges and curriculum will help you most and talk to business leaders to get their input on those decision points
4. intern at x company that includes tuition reimbursement ( this will take longer to get your degree and hard work taking classes and working full time but you get your education paid for while gaining real world experience).
5. Form a long term post college plan with your mentor looking for opportunities to expand your skills and experience.
6. If the classes and mentor are not satisfying you might not be in the right environment or field try again, and again, and again until you find what you really love to do, it should not feel like work most of the time, you should be excited to wake up and tackle the next challenge, help your next business associate etc...

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Jennifer’s Answer

Hi Mira - to expand a bit on Frank's excellent answer...Before setting your goal to become a CEO you need to decide in which filed you would like to be a CEO. Banking, Casino, Hotel, Technology, etc. Then set your studies in that path. Then, you work from the ground up. There are a lot of responsibilities that come with a corner office, title and big pay check :-)

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Terry’s Answer

Hi Mira

Very hard and a lot of people wanting that role in ever industry

Terry, could you go into detail around what makes the role so difficult? Is it the competition or are there are other difficulties? Gurpreet Lally