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How much does it cost for good plumbing equipment?

My name is James and I want to peruse plumbing after high school #high-school #career

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2 answers

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James’s Answer

Plumbing equipment or tools will cost you around $5,000. These consist of tubing cutter, pipe wrench, hole saw, closet auger, slip joint pliers, and hand auger or snake.

Other types of equipment include compression sleeve puller, hack saw, propane torch & solder, plunger, and basin wrench.

However, these tools will be worthless when placed in the hand of a novice. As such, you’ll need to obtain certification or licensing. This will take a year of training before being qualified for one.

A plumbing certificate will cost anywhere from $1,500 to $8,500.

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Mark’s Answer

Hi James!

To add to what James has already mentioned, are you looking to start your own business? You'll need a truck or van. Business cards, uniforms, etc. You may want to have a web site. Then there is monthly advertising and insurance.

Hope this helps!