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How is everyone doing after High school classes?

What college do you think I should attend after I graduate?

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1 answer

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Fred’s Answer

This is a personal choice. Nobody can tell you what school you should go to. Many factors are involved, and which is more important to YOU is different than to me. Some of the things you need to consider are:

Location - close to or far from home? Urban or rural? What amenities are near the school?
Cost - Can you afford this school? What scholarships are offered? Can you afford the loans you may need to take out to go here?
Size - do you want a big school or small?
Athletics - is going to a school with a top tier football/basketball team important, or could you not care less about sports?
Student life - what activities are officered? Are there amenities nearby? is there public transportation or will you need a car?
What will you study, and what is the school's reputation? You probably don't want to go to an engineering school to major in sculpture

There are many, many other factors, and nobody else knows what is most important to you, or how you want to balance them. I'd suggest you speak to your high school college counselor, who is there to help you with these decisions.
Thank you comment icon Your advice was so helpful! Julio