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For the sports entertainment industry do you add your own spins to the industry?

I love using my creativity to add interest and spice to certain things in my life so if I do decide to take this step in my life I would love to know. #entertainment #sports-marketing #software-industry

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Kendall’s Answer

Hi Chioma,

It's great that you like to put your own spin on anything you do. Here's what I can say about any career: you will be competing for your job with other capable people. But none of those people can be exactly YOU. It's so important to let potential bosses know how you're different from everybody else.

I work as a writer, and when I am hired for a job, it's because 1) I have a proven track record of being a good employee and hard worker and 2) the person hiring likes the "voice" of my writing, i.e. my unique, personal approach and attitude to life and people. They could meet 100 people, and we might have the same experience and the same background, but none of those people has my Kendall brain so they won't think like I think, or write what I'll write, and vice versa.

But, while it's so important to be unique and add your spin, it's also important to know when to do that, and when to hold the spice. For instance, you might have the BEST sense of humor. But maybe you need to hold it in and be quiet during a company meeting, and save it the laughs for when you take a potential client out to dinner.

I hope that helps!